Skills in balancing career and family For Working moms

Abstract as a woman, if she wants to maintain the happiness of marriage and have better achievements in her career, how can she achieve the right balance between family and career, as well as to avoid affecting the happiness of marriage with work? If you want both career and family to be right, you must first distinguish your role in career and family, do what a wife should do in marriage and integrate into family life. When you have made some achievements in career and don't bring occupational diseases home, such a marriage life will be more harmonious... Let's understand the specific contents together!

Distinguish your role at work and at home

If you want to keep your career and family together, you must first distinguish your roles in career and family, do what a wife should do in marriage, integrate into family life, and bear the family responsibilities when you come home from work. When you have made some achievements in career, don't bring occupational diseases into the process of getting along with husband and wife, and you also play the role of a good wife and mother in life, Such a marriage will be more harmonious.

Have your own life and entertainment after work

If working women only know to work hard and ignore life outside work, it will not only be harmful to their health, but also affect their mood and endanger family harmony. Professional women should learn to combine work and rest, reasonably arrange time and energy in work and life, love career and family.

Let the family know their work and help them deal with the contradiction between career and family

Through reasonable planning and design, husband and wife can negotiate and decide to let each other bear more family responsibilities and obligations when their career enters the sprint or peak stage, so as to invest more energy in practicing career planning.

Adjust your mood in time

Women in the workplace have the courage to contribute at work. In order to make progress in their career, they often work overtime. Sometimes they may have negative emotions and be upset when they are under great pressure. When they return home, they must adjust their emotions, communicate well with their families, strive for their understanding, and don't take their emotions at work home.

Educate children well

We should educate our children to develop good learning and living habits, communicate well with them and be a good example for them. Whether the family is harmonious or not affects the growth of children. The healthy growth of children affects the harmony of the family, and then affects work and career. Excellent children encourage you to devote more time and energy to your work and career.

For successful professional women, the main dilemma they encounter in family interpersonal communication is - because success at work must invest a lot of time and energy, it is easy to have no time to take care of the family, and it is also easy to bring the more rational, decisive, strong control, efficiency and other styles of managers and bosses into their family and life. The family is centered on love and emotion, so it sometimes affects the relationship between husband and wife, children, parents, parents in law and compatriots. In addition, due to the high achievements of professional women themselves, they are often prone to high requirements and expectations for their husbands and children, which will bring greater pressure to their families. When expectations cannot be realized, they may bring troubles to themselves due to disappointment and aggravate family contradictions.

So what should successful professional women do to do well in family interpersonal management? I summarize as follows: less rational, more emotional. Family is not a place to be reasonable, but a place to be emotional; Control less, tolerate more, put down the strength and desire for control in the workplace, and learn to give family enough space and freedom; Show less strength and show more weakness. When you get home, you should take off the workplace coat of "strong women" and be willing to show weakness and be a "little woman"; Slow down, warm and romantic. Successful professional women tend to work efficiently and fast, and they are used to it when they return home. In fact, what families need to build is a warm and romantic emotional life.

Negative emotions haunt the lives of working women from time to time. This unhealthy emotion will reduce cognitive ability, increase the risk of decision-making errors, increase interpersonal problems, family disharmony, reduce people's immunity and lead to physical diseases, which will directly reduce the quality of life.

So how should professional women "live in harmony" with pressure? First of all, we should understand that stress is the driving force of life and the norm of life. It is natural for us to have emotional reactions in the face of stress. The more we can't face and accept our own emotional reactions, the greater the degree of emotional reactions. The less harm the pressure will do to a person who can accept and deal with her own emotional reactions, As long as we keep taking positive action, no pressure or pain can crush us.

After years of living together, couples tend to become more and more similar, which will increase family affection and reduce their attraction to each other. Therefore, if you want to maintain lasting attraction, you should pay attention to appropriately maintain your personality, uniqueness and difference. Secondly, husband and wife should be equal, so that everyone can maintain better independence and autonomy. If there is inequality between husband and wife, as long as one person says something, it will be criticized or denied by another person, and the criticized will less and less take the initiative to express their thoughts and feelings. The contradictions and conflicts between husband and wife seem to be reduced, but at the same time, the hearts of two people will be farther and farther away, and they will lose their attraction. Therefore, husband and wife should respect each other equally and have the courage to express their thoughts and views. When the other party expresses, we should pay attention to listening patiently instead of interrupting in a hurry, and we can't feel that we have understood the other party's meaning without letting the other party say our thoughts and feelings. Third, independence is an important basis for couples to love each other. Based on independence, we can have mutual communication and understanding. If we lose our independence, we will lose love.