As an Asian-American mother of 3 who has experienced difficulties looking for products during pregnancy, I understand the dilemma of lacking products in the market for Asian-American women like me, and the anxiety that they must choose from products with limited nutritional value and safety. Also, I understand deeply how cultural differences and distance with families and friends can result in negative impacts to health both mentally and physically. Therefore, I created MEG+, which focuses on mothers and babies, provides premium products with professional knowledge, such as prenatal vitamins, calcium, DHA, supplements and personal care products. The brand is committed to natural and mild care, while ensuring confidentiality, safety, and nutrition, so as to meet the expectations and needs of women. Meanwhile, I hope to give mothers a chance to learn about self-caring, communicate and learn with other mothers from all over the world, as well as to help mothers increasing confidence, and establish a supportive, mother-friendly community without barriers or obstacles.

Every child needs the right start. But most importantly, every child deserves the best start - one that provides them with all the essentials needed to ensure they can bring out their fullest potential for their bright future to come. As a parent, I know how important it is to provide quality environment for children, which is why I created institutes for parents and babies, so that they can learn from professionals and be prepared for their journey ahead.

I believe that MEG+ institutes will be instrumental in getting children and parents ready for life beyond - empowering them with knowledge and skills that will help them become confident individuals who are not afraid of challenges. We offer a series of interactive learning events for parents and their children based on a refined child-centered curriculum, customized to meet the needs of modern 21st century families. Our mission is to help parents raise the next generation of global citizens from an early age.

MEG+ is not only an one-stop-shop to fulfill customers’ needs, but also a community that bridges mothers and families from all over the world, with multicultural and multilingual environments, where they can learn and establish relationship with one another.